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The Journey to a Healthy You...

When you come to our clinic, we will address all of the negative factors that are affecting your health. We evaluate your body individually to create a health program just for your body.

There are six keys to creating superior health.

The answer to "how do you live a healthy life in an unhealthy world" is the Six Steps to Wellness. This comprehensive program - the result of thirty five years of intensive research is - your key to better health.

The Six Steps to Wellness are:

* Structure
* Electro Magnetic Therapy
* Nutrition
* Emotional Therapy
* Detoxification
* Allergies and Sensitivities

These steps represent all six of the major steps of your journey to optimum health.


                                              INTRODUCE A FRIEND TO THE MAGIC OF KEIFER WELLNESS CENTER!                                                                                                   NATURAL HEALTH CARE LECTURE ON THE 6 STEPS TO WELLNESS
                                                                 PLUS A FREE HEALTHY ORGANIC VEGETARIAN MEAL                                                                                                                                                                                          

                                                                        Where:  Tucson Osteopathic Medical Foundation                                                                                      3182 N Swan Rd, Tucson, AZ 85712                                                           When:  Thursday, November 29, 2018  Registration at 6:30 pm

                              Dinner with The Doc PLUS bring a friend or family member who has never experienced                   the magic of Keifer Wellness Center and receive a gift coupon for * $25.00 off any service in the clinic.                                  Discounts and drawings available.  Seating is limited so please R.S.V.P. at (520) 577-1717.                                                                      *Only 1 coupon per ‘referring’ group.  Adults only. 

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                                              NOVEMBER 2018 SPECIAL OFFER

                                                This month we are focusing on Autoimmune and other syndromes.  

  Autoimmune diseases are born when your body is working hard to defend itself against something potentially dangerous, such as an allergen, a toxin, an infection, or even a food, and it fails to differentiate between the intruder and parts of your own body. Mistaking certain types of tissues for harmful substances, your body turns these antibodies against itself, wreaking havoc on your organs.                 

Autoimmune Diseases can create problems in organs, such as:

  • Lungs
  • Liver
  • Muscles
  • Intestinal Tract
  • Nervous System
  • Thyroid
  • Skin and Bones

                   (and many other systems)

        If you have any concerns sign up for a Health Screening with Dr. Keifer for only $25.00 (Usually a $100.00 value)                                                                                                                      +PLUS+                                                                                                        10% off our Opti-Acute and Opti-EFA Formulas.                                                                       Both formulas contain Anti-inflammatory properties  

                                                                                             Expires:  November 28th 
                        ** Offer extends to all patients, families, and friends needing assistance with such concerns.                                                                              Please call early.  These visits fill up fast!


                 Get a fREE Fitbit fitness wrist band. Between October 1 and December 31, 2018

                                         When You Sign  Up For a Care Credit Card In the Clinic!                                   

            *** Interest Free Credit Card for purchases of $200.00 or more 18 month Interest Free

       Payments Pay for Natural Healthcare Medical Expenses, Supplements, Therapeutic Modalities,

                                      such as Ion-Cleanse Detox, PEMF, BEMER, Reiki and More!

                                                                            Call Today! (520) 577-1717

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